Our Organization

Why We're Here

CSSE members work in many different industries, but share one common goal:
Ensuring our colleagues make it home safe at the end of the workday

Our organization shapes the safety profession in Canada by working with its members and partners. This is achieved by...

  • Connecting with Chapters and Members
  • Defining the Profession
  • Innovating through Professional Development
  • Being The Voice of the Safety Profession
  • Being a Resource for Research and Information
  • Leading our Members with Good Governance and Succession


CSSE was founded in 1949 by a small group of dedicated individuals drawn together in the common cause of accident prevention. It grew from a provincially-based organization to become Canada's largest national and most established professional organization for health and safety practitioners. Today, we have over 4,000 members across Canada and around the world working together to enhance the health, safety and environmental profession.


The Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE) is the leading professional association for health, safety, and environmental practitioners in Canada. CSSE shapes the safety profession in Canada by working collaboratively with its members and partners.

This is done by providing timely and relevant safety information and developing safety professionals. We collaborate with industry, governmental agencies, and other safety organizations to promote a greater awareness of health, safety, and environmental issues across Canada. CSSE is recognized as an objective voice for excellence in safety in workplaces and communities.

CSSE is a national organization, supporting the operation of local Chapters across the country. Chapters provide local forums for information exchange and networking among safety practitioners. Through Chapter meetings and activities, members promote and enhance the profile of the profession in communities throughout Canada.


To be the resource for professional development, knowledge and information exchange to our members, our profession and the Canadian public.

Board of Directors

CSSE is self-governed by a board of voluntary directors elected by the membership.

The Board is responsible for the overall direction and operation of CSSE on a national level, and establishes and implements policies and procedures to advance the objectives of the Society.

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