2-Oct-2019 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM - Human Organizational Performance with Todd Conklin

Human Organizational Performance with Todd Conklin
Human and Organizational Performance is a new way of thinking about how we can improve the workplace. The fact is that we humans are fallible, and if we expect people to do things right 100% of the time, we are most likely going to be disappointed.

HOP is based on understanding how humans perform and how we can build systems that are more error tolerant. For many years we have tried command and control management styles. Or through ‘hearts and minds’ campaigns, we have sought to make workers “care more” and “pay more attention” so that they won’t make mistakes. It is becoming increasingly obvious to many that those strategies have now plateaued in their effectiveness.

  • What if we are less surprised by human error and failure and instead became more interested in learning?

  • What if we realized that many of the conditions that led to a failure were not identified in our standard hazard analysis tools?

  • What if there was no “root cause” or “chain of events” that led to the failure in some sort of linear fashion?

Speaker Bio:
Todd Conklin holds a Ph.D. in organizational behavior from the University of New Mexico, and he spent 25 years at Los Alamos National Laboratory as a Senior Advisor for Organizational and Safety Culture.

Author of numerous books and creator of the Pre-Accident Podcast, Conklin speaks to executives and work teams all over the world who are interested in understanding the relationship between the workers in the field and the organization’s systems, processes, and programs. He also brings this knowledge to event investigations for major corporations world-wide.

Dr. Conklin has been working on the Human Performance program for the last 15 years of his 25-year career and thinks that Human Performance is the most meaningful work he has ever had the opportunity to live and teach.
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