Group Billing Plan

What is group billing?

CSSE's Group Billing Plan is a group-invoice, discount program for organizations that have more than five employees who are members or want to be members of CSSE. By paying CSSE membership fees for the employees registered in the group billing plan, the organization will receive a discount on the overall cost of membership for these employees. All employees registered in the organization's group billing plan will have membership in CSSE.

Dues for each individual member under the plan are based on the established membership fee. Participation of at least 5 to 9 members will allow each member of the group to enjoy a 5% reduction off their membership dues. Participation of 10 or more members will allow each member to enjoy a 10% reduction off their membership dues.

How the Group Billing Plan Works

Organizations can begin participating in the Group Billing Plan at any time. An organizational contact person must be identified to receive group renewal invoices and to serve as a liaison between the organization and CSSE. Once the plan is initiated, all the individuals within the plan will have the same renewal date. Existing members will have current membership dues pro-rated to match the group billing cycle. New individuals can join at any time during the year but only through the organization contact and their dues will be pro-rated to match the renewal cycle of the plan.

Establish a Group Billing Plan for Your Organization

To set up your group billing plan, simply complete the Group Billing Plan Form and return it to the CSSE office. A staff member will be in touch with you concerning start dates for the plan and the cost for your organization.

For more information, please contact us.


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