South Saskatchewan Chapter

About Us

Welcome to our Chapter! We provide a forum for information exchange, networking, and mentorship among our members with regularily scheduled monthly meetings. The Chapter supports the organization of professional development events on a periodic basis.


The Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE) is the leading health, safety and environmental organization for professionals in Canada. We work with industry, governmental agencies, and other safety organizations to promote a greater awareness of health, safety, and environmental issues in workplaces and communities across the nation and around the world. Our vision is "An Advocate for Safety in Every Workplace."

CSSE is a national organization, supporting the operation of 35 local Chapters. Chapters provide local forums for information exchange and networking among professionals. Through Chapter meetings and activities, members promote and enhance the profile of the profession in communities throughout Canada.

Our mission is to be the resource for professional development, knowledge and information exchange to our members, our profession and the Canadian public.

Our Executive

Chairperson Ryan Bast ryanb@cssesouthsask.org
Past Chairperson Ryan Jacobson ryan@cssesouthsask.org
Vice Chair Lorinda Jacobson    lorinda@cssesouthsask.org
Treasurer Al Goldstone al@cssesouthsask.org
Secretary Derek Wold  
Director of SE Doug McDavid  
Director of SW Mark Novecosky mark@cssesouthsask.org
Director of Event Coordination    Sarah Maddia  
Director of NAOSH Week Vacant
Director at Large Jeff Peters jeff@cssesouthsask.org
Director at Large Vacant  


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