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The term "essay" itself came to Russia from France. There it literally translates as experience, trial, attempt, or sketch. If you go to Wikipedia, there is a clear definition of an essay.  It is an essay or sketch in free literary form. With an essay, you can describe some phenomenon in detail, relying only on your thoughts and feelings.  An essay does not require you to give any clear evidence or state someone else's opinion about papersowl review. This essay requires you to describe your vision of a particular subject area.

The essay has nothing to do with scholarly research. It does not describe problems of society, religion, politics, and so on. It is a completely free field, where a schoolboy or student can focus only on himself or herself.

It may also be noted that there is something philosophical about the essay. Many interpret this fact as a literary-critical direction. Also essays can be referred to the historical and bibliographic direction. Experts say that often in essays there is a casualness, and sometimes, paradoxical utterances. Also, you shouldn't be afraid to write essays in the conversational genre. It doesn't mean that you have to have a dialogue with yourself in it. But simplicity of thought is only welcome here, which is akin to a conversational essay.

If you have been told to write an essay, you should be able to distinguish it by the following characteristics:

The reasoning is about a specific issue or topic. For example, an essay can't relate to a topic - the sky, per se. It can talk about why the sky is blue or what processes can happen in the sky during a thunderstorm and what the author thinks about it.
An essay is not written on a wide range of issues. It only touches on a part of an area.
The essay describes the author's particular impressions or thoughts.
An essay cannot be challenged for expressing certain thoughts. Let us not forget that it is a free form.
The relevance of the thought must be clearly evident in the essay. For example, if you are writing an essay on some literary work, you should not discuss the opinion of some critic about the work. You can only express your own opinion, or simply compare it with the opinion of another critic.
A competently written essay evaluates the personality of the author, his attitude towards certain things.

Today, schoolchildren and students are very often asked to write an essay. Moreover, when applying to some universities, it is required to write such an assignment. Sometimes young professionals are required to write something like a review about a certain subject. This is what an essay is. Sometimes the fate of an applicant for specific positions depends on how the essay is written. For employers, the essay can help reflect the key features and skills of the person.

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